Our Story

On Sept 4th, Local Works opened for business, allowing craftsmen from around the state the opportunity to use state-of-the-art equipment at Northern Arizona’s first ever community workshop. This membership-based Do-It-Yourself community workspace was the first space to allow collaboration, space and resources for the Flagstaff artist, engineer, hobbyist and entrepreneurial communities to pursue projects using woodworking, metalworking, welding, and electronic equipment.

Local Works provides tools that are too expensive or impractical for individuals to have at home, such as a CNC mill, 3D printer, table saw, band saw and much more. A full list of tools are available on the website. Artisans may come to the shop and use a variety of high-tech equipment after an initial safety class. In addition to 24/7 access to tools and space, hands-on classes are offered, such as “Introduction to Soldering”, taught by Joseph Davidson.

The idea materialized autumn 2012 when CEO Joseph Davidson recognized his own need for a working space and community collaboration as an engineering consultant. Joseph then toured similar workshops, including those in the San Francisco Bay Area and Phoenix. Encouraged by a tremendous positive response in Flagstaff, Joseph has initiated a personal, grassroots approach to achieve this vision. The workshop will be the first of its kind in Northern Arizona.

“Flagstaff has culture of hands-on creativity and invention. My intention is that Local Works is not only a community shop where people can come and make things, but a place where like-minded individuals can share and learn from one another,” said founder Joseph Davidson.

Local Works is a manifestation of the Maker Culture, and the workshop provides members with space, tools, and connections to like-minded individuals. Memberships are available for monthly, annual or biannual fee, similar to a gym membership. Day passes are also offered.

World class tools at the workshop include a band saw, table saw, tig/stick welder, CNC Mill with tooling, portable hand tools, automotive tools, electronics set up including Oscilloscope and soldering iron. The workshop will also provide lectures, events, competitions, and classes.


About Joseph Davidson

Joseph Davidson operates Electric Life Engineering, a personal product design and engineer consulting company. Joseph was an engineer at the startup company Motor Excellence for 3.5 years. He helped in the design and construction of a new technology of electric motors. He has lived in Flagstaff for more than 17 years. Joseph was president of the NAU Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and continues to play an active role in the NAU School of Engineering at Northern Arizona University, including giving presentations, working as a teaching assistant, and volunteering help with student projects. Joseph has helped local high schools and middle schools with engineering learning projects, and is currently offering weekly assistance for Sinagua Middle School’s STEM Oceanography project.